Corporate Research Group

We have developed the most sophisticated and consistently proven Elite interviewing methodology in the industry.

  • With more than 35 years of experience in developing strategies targeting elites in government, finance, and other sectors, Penn, Schoen Berland has become a leader in elite research domestically and internationally, through our one-of-a-kind Corporate Research Group.
  • Our CRG Research Associates are trained in the “discussion interview” method to reach and engage people in key positions. We combine this approach with a dedicated research support group that provides an in-depth briefing about the target respondent and project objectives before the first interview is conducted. This group represents a whole new approach to reaching elites and provides an unparalleled record of success in collecting complete, in-depth, and actionable information for our clients.
  • CRG Research Associates are a team of educated business people, graduate students and other types of professionals recruited for being articulate, affable and intelligent. They reliably get past respondents’ gatekeepers and then capture their interest, and fully engage them in collegial and open conversations which respondents feel are worth their most thoughtful insights.
  • CRG employs a wide spectrum of the newest and most innovative research tools to conduct:
    • High-level qualitative telephone interviews / IDIs (onsite, phone, web/video)
    • Quantitative telephone interviews (B2B and B2C)
    • F2F (face-to-face) interviews
    • Focus Group Recruitment
  • Typical Respondents:
    • Top business executives, including CEOs and other c-class officers, employed by companies ranging up to the top Global Fortune 500 firms
    • Institutional Investors, Financial Analysts
    • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Industry specialists
    • Federal Agencies, Think tanks, Lobbyists, NGOs, Government Officials (US/UK/EU)
    • Media Elites
    • Top Academics
    • High net-worth respondents (and other sensitive audiences where special interests exist)
  • CRG has conducted over 100,000 interviews for hundreds of clients worldwide in industries including Technology and Telecom, Automotive, Energy and Transportation, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and Entertainment