Kyley McGeeney Joins PSB as Senior Director, Survey Methods

PSB is thrilled to announce the hire of Kyley McGeeney, Senior Director of Survey Methods, as of November 2016. In this role she serves as a methodology consultant to researchers company-wide and works closely with the firm’s Census Bureau team. She’ll also be working to design the firm’s 2018 likely voter screens and modeling.

McGeeney’s expertise includes overall research design, pre-election polling, sampling, questionnaire design, data collection protocol, weighting and analysis, and new survey technologies. She is as a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Pre-Election Polling Task Force, convened to examine the performance of polls in the 2016 presidential election.

Her past work includes Pew Research Center reports “Can Likely Voter Models Be Improved?” and “Why 2016 Election Polls Missed Their Mark” as well as Gallup’s 2012 Presidential Election Polling Review, analyzing why Gallup’s 2012 presidential prediction was inaccurate. She is co-author of numerous publications, studying online panels, comparing web to telephone surveys, examining the use of technology for surveys (mobile, texting, apps) as well as reviewing more traditional telephone survey methods.

Prior to joining PSB, McGeeney has nearly a decade of experience as a methodologist at Pew Research Center and at Gallup. McGeeney is a graduate of The New School, and she earned her Master of Professional Studies degree in Applied Statistics at Cornell University. McGeeney is a member of AAPOR (Education and Standards Committees), DC-AAPOR, European Survey Research Association, Washington Statistical Society and Marketing Research Association. She is based in Washington, D.C.