Our Work

Strategic Communications

Every communication is an opportunity to drive business. Words matter.

We get To the Point. We will help you:

  • Create and refine effective messaging
  • Overcome a crisis or competitive attack
  • Build a compelling narrative

PSB’s suite of creative qualitative & quantitative methods has been honed over decades of communication advisory in the political, corporate and public policy arenas.

Our Work

Brand Product and Positioning

For PSB, there is no general positioning – there is only competitive positioning.

We get To the Point. We will help you:

  • Launch a new product or service
  • Build a winning brand strategy
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition

With our roots in competitive campaigning, we look at your brand like we look at a political campaign – and we like to win. We develop brand and product positioning by identifying the consumers who are available, the “swing voters” that can help drive growth, and find messages that tap into their hearts and minds.

Our Work

Reputation and Tracking

Your reputation matters. We can help refine and maintain that reputation through rigorous research.

We get To the Point. We will help you:

  • Track your brand’s health
  • Understand and improve your reputation
  • Measure the impact of your campaigns, your marketing, and your issues

At PSB, our research operations are in-house, and managed by a dedicated client account team to reach the audiences that matter to you and ensure the highest standards over time.

Our Work

Behavioral Analytics & Advanced Methods

For PSB, It’s not about advanced analytics or traditional research methods, it’s about finding the optimal mix of both to develop one clear point of view.

We get To the Point. We will help you…

  • Segment the marketplace and improve audience understanding
  • Get the complete picture by integrating primary behavioral research with customer touchpoints and digital marketing attribution
  • Improve marketing ROI by using predictive models to optimize targeting, messaging and media mix

Our specialty analytics practice integrates custom research design with behavioral data sources – including customer databases, ecommerce history, or on-device telemetry – to deliver a single, comprehensive point of view with clear recommendations.

Our Work

Politics & Public Policy

Political and social advocacy is in our DNA.   When you need to win – anywhere in the world – we can help.

We get To the Point. We will…

  • Identify and target the right audiences – from your core supporters who need to be engaged and activated, to “swing voters” you can win over (and need to win)
  • Develop the right message for each key audience to win support for your candidate or cause
  • Measure, understand, and track public sentiment through polling, qualitative research, and digital intelligence

PSB’s internationally renowned campaign teams provide polling, strategy, and full service political communications services around the world. From electing the Prime Minister in India – the world’s largest democracy – to conducting the most noteworthy bi-partisan independent expenditure effort in the United States, to shaping a persuasive global conversation about foreign aid, PSB has been helping clients develop winning campaigns for 40 years.

Our Work


Your campaign succeeds or fails on the quality of the creative, so you need more than a hunch, you need solid data.

We get To the Point. When you need to…

  • Find the direction for a new campaign
  • Develop and test creative concepts and executions
  • Understand the impact of your ads

We provide predictive analysis, deep insight and customization – quickly. Our research tools equip your team to make insightful, fact-based decisions at each stage of the creative development process: from early-stage concepts to final execution.