Amy Crosby

Managing Director

Amy Crosby is the Managing Director of PSB’s Washington, D.C. office.

Since joining PSB as a senior analyst in 2006, Amy has developed and executed a wide range of international and domestic research for Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, and Ford Motor Company. Her expertise includes corporate reputation management, message testing, flash polling, brand positioning and ad testing. For the past two years, Amy has led the PSB SWAT team, a rapid response research team that specializes in executing quick-turn research for Microsoft’s strategic research group.

In the political arena, Amy assisted on polling and strategy for the 2008 Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. During the campaign, she coordinated a series of in-depth focus groups with female voters across the state of Ohio and assisted in creating a tailored strategy to win over women in this swing state.

Amy graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan, with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Communications Studies.