Scott Elder

Senior Vice President

Scott has conducted market research for clients of all sizes, across the country, and around the world. He has led hundreds of quantitative and qualitative research projects for corporations, associations, advocacy organizations, political candidates and government agencies. His research has been used to develop new products, expand markets, shape communications and direct strategic initiatives.

Scott’s work has even been used to start a revolution! He directed the exit polling that led to the overthrow of a corrupt government in the Republic of Georgia and precipitated similar non-violent regime change moves elsewhere.

In over two and a half decades of conducting research, Scott knows that you need to move with the market as methodologies and technologies have created new possibilities for uncovering attitudes and the motivating forces behind them. He is constantly working to apply the latest, tested techniques for clients facing difficult choices in a fast-paced world. He uses his years of experience to select the right research tools to give his clients the most insight.

Current clients include Nestlé Waters North America, MassMutual, the NBA, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the Wounded Warrior Project.